Collectors: A solution to store and display your miniatures

Created by Draco Forge

Collectors are modular furniture designed to hold large amounts of miniatures from your wargame, RPG, and boardgame collections.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Cards are about to be charged! final manufacture tests before final production!
23 days ago – Thu, May 02, 2024 at 06:22:50 PM

Hey Everyone! 

Cards are being charged TOMORROW!

Please make sure to check your pledge manager so it has all the upgrades and things you want, remember that the V and H trays got mixed up, but we wil be checking this at a later date, so make sure oyu just have the correct total number (in case you have quantities of both) and we will manually change them and ask which ones you would like at a later date (probably in the next couple weeks)

But the Pledge manager is closing up, so if you still haven't locked your order please make sure you do!

Final tests/ prototypes

We just received the final tests from the factory, these are just for the premium front covers and the carry handle tops! (don't worry the matte acrylic was just for testing the final product will have clear acrylic) 

In testing found that the magnets were too visible without the mdf strip, so we are checking the posibility of upgrading all the regular acrylic covers, with the most basic mdf strip on top to cover them up. We are still costing this decision up so no promises yet! 

Thanks as always, we are a bit ahead on production, these are entering full final production with the backerkit numbers later this month, so we should be finalizing production sometime in June. and have these shipped by July or very early August! so we are hitting all our deadlines to ensure a fast and great delivery for the project. 

Pledge Manager Closing May 3rd! Complete your pledges!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2024 at 11:56:19 AM

Hey Everyone! 

Just wanted to make a quick update with a slight change in the timeline. We will be CLOSING the pledge manager on May 3rd! So please plan accordingly and those still needing to complete their pledge please do so in the brevity. 

This is because we already have a locked order and its moving faster than we thought and we need to pay the rest of the order to not lose priority with the factory which would cause delays! So we want to lock in our second order and get both underway to make sure we deliver the product as fast as possible. 

Thanks again for understanding, if you have any questions please send them over through DMs here or directly in backerkit. 

We will start the manual process of adjusting the incorrectly labeled V trays on everyone's pledge that needs it to make sure we have the correct orders. 

Thanks again.  

Complete you order on backerkit! Closing soon! PM FAQ
about 1 month ago – Mon, Apr 15, 2024 at 11:08:22 AM

Hey Everyone!

Short update today, we just wanted to let everyone know that the pledge manager will be closing May 6th so please make sure you complete it before it closes so we can make our complimentary order to the factory. 

Thankfully we are alerady well into production of the first batch which will be arounf 70% of the final order from our estimates including the numbers we pulled directly from Ks, but we need to know the final numbers to complete the orders with our next order to the factory so we don't want to delay too much!

We have received a lot of questions during the PM so here are some of the answers to the most concurrent ones 


  • My pledge is only letting me choose H trays for my pledge but I want V trays, what can I do?

When configuring the pledge manager, it made us only give the option for one type of tray for the V and H collectors, we will go through all the pledges manually and try to match their trays to what collectors they have. If we have any questions along the way and we are not 100% sure of what trays you need we will send those backers a direct message with a preview of their order to make sure we got their trays correct. We will then make an update probably at the start of next week to ask everyone to go to backerkit and check their orders to see if they are now showing the correct trays. 

  • Will I be charget VAT?

We changed our usual distributor, and the new one let us now that you will be charger VAT for international orders for countries that require it, we don't know what % this is but it depends on the country. 

  • When is the pledge manager closing?

May 6th 2024! 

We hope this clears some things out and we are very excited to show some of the packed orders soon! Thanks again for joining us in this project. 

Surveys are on their way! Late Pledge Open!
3 months ago – Sat, Mar 02, 2024 at 04:08:18 PM

Hey Everyone! the Backerkit Surveys are out! after we sent the smoke test and answered questions on those we decided to release all of them! 

Keep in mind this is a complex KS with many options, if you are unsure about something in the PM please let us know! we should be able to fix it on our side or find a solution with you. 

Here are some questions and answers of things that might come up

  • What happened to the returning backer items? - These will be added manually before the Pledge Manager ends, so you should be able to see them before we lock orders and charge cards, we will make an update to ask everyone to check and if anyone is missing them at that point we will add them. 
  • How many upgrade trays can I add? - Keep in mind that you can only add upgrades to your existing Collectors, so if you have 3 Collector X and 2 Collector V you can add 3 Tray Upgrade X and 2 Tray Upgrade V. Please keep this in mind since for anything else you will need to add the extra trays (there are only extra metal and MDF trays for the campaign)
  • Will I need to pay VAT for my pledge? - At this moment we are trying to find a fulfillment partner in Europe to understand if end users will need to pay VAT but we are unsure at this time, we will update everyone once we find our ourselves. 
  • Can I Pledge on the project if I missed the KS? - Yes! at this time the pledge manager is accepting orders so if you missed the KS this is the perfect time to jump in! 

Current Project Status

To avoid delays we started manufacturing already! to start we counted all rewards chosen during the Kickstarter and used these to make our first order, we think this should be about 80-90% of the total order, but instead of waiting for the PM to close (in about a month and a half) we wanted to start manufacturing now, and we will just make a second order on any missing items when we close the pledge manager. 

Collectors by the numbers! the first order includes over 1000 collectors! so we wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for believing in this product, we will do an update when we get the final samples (of the carry top case and the premium cover) to show how these look. 

Pledge Manager Dates

The relevant dates for the Pledge Manager are the following:

  • PM opens - March 2nd 2024
  • PM closes - April 19th 2024

We will be messaging you about once every two weeks the first month and then weekly the final 3 weeks until it closes to make sure most of you complete it before the deadline. 
We will send DMs to the people who still haven't completed their surveys the final week to make sure we have everything and we can avoid delays in shipping. 

A final thanks to everyone, we are incredibly excited to get this project going and get you your rewards. Sorry again for the rocky start, but we needed some extra time now to make sure the rest of the process flows great! 

Until Next time! it will probably be in about two weeks to show the missing prototypes and progress on the PM. 


Pledge Manager, Late pledges and important updates!
4 months ago – Thu, Jan 18, 2024 at 12:08:20 PM

Hey Everyone! We have been hard at work making sure everything is set up for the pledge manager which should be launching some time NEXT WEEK!

We are ready to go, and our manufacturer is eager to get the initial order ready. What we did is we used the Kickstarter numbers to generate an initial order and we will create a second wave of orders as the pledge manager comes to a close. This will allow us to not get delays and get ahead on production. 

Late Pledges and Adding to your Pledge

You will be able to get late pledges for this project if you missed out during the Kickstarter, and you will also be able to modify and change your pledge during the Kickstarter, please keep in mind that during the Pledge Manager, you will need to choose all your tray upgrade styles and add-ons you want! so make sure you double check! 

And a small update on pricing for the last few objects unlocked during the campaign. The two drawer style trays are a bit different but they ended up costing about the same. Keep in mind these are prices for ONE tray, not multiples. 

Specifically, the Card Drawer tray has a 1.7 inch wall and the modular drawer tray has a 1 inch wall, but has modular divisions that can be used to change the configuration, while the card drawer tray has a set configuration and includes card-sized separators. 

Timeline Changes

So here are the small changes to the timeline, as you can see the fulfillment and important dates stay the same, we just pushed the Pledge manager a bit to make sure its clear and you are all able to build your pledges correctly! 

And the second change is that we are starting manufacture later this month, this will ensure that we hit our deadlines and ship the product in time! 

Next Week I'll try to post a video on how a Collector is built! should be fun. 

I am really fortunate and already using my Collectors for all my minis, hopefully you will have as much fun as me when filling yours out. 

Thanks again for an incredible campaign, and we can't wait  for you to start using our Collectors!